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Trimble High-Precision Maxwell™ 7 L1, L2, L5, E6 Modules

Trimble BD992-INS

The BD992-INS is a dual-antenna receiver with an integrated inertial navigation system. It is a robust navigation system that supports position and orientation at high update rates.

Trimble BD992

The Trimble BD992 dual-antenna, single board solution for precise position and heading.

Trimble BD990

The BD990 is a triple-frequency receiver for all GNSS constellations. The BD99X family including the dual antenna variations, redefines high-performance positioning and comes with easy to use software which simplifies integration and reduces development time.

Trimble High-Precision Maxwell™ 7 L1, L2, L5 Modules

Trimble BD940-INS

The BD940-INS is a triple-frequency, multi-constellation, reduced size GNSS/INS solution. Compact size and centimeter-level accuracy supports mobile, robotic, and airborne applications.

Trimble BD940

The BD940 is a triple-frequency, high-precision GNSS receiver that is very compact to allow for integration into tight spaces.

Trimble BD9250

The BD9250 is a dual-frequency L1/L2 or L5 field-switchable GNSS receiver with integrated MSS-Band to support Trimble RTX service.

Trimble BD9250s

The BD9250s is a dual-frequency L1/L2 or L5 field-switchable GNSS receiver with integrated S-Band frequency to support the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, NavIC.

Trimble Maxwell™ 6 L1, L2, L5 Modules

Trimble BD982

The BD982 comes with dual chips that support two antennas connected to the board. Independent observations from both antennas are passed to the processor where multi-constellation RTK baselines are computed.

Trimble BD970

The Trimble BD970 GNSS system is a compact multi-constellation receiver designed to deliver centimeter accuracy to a variety of applications.

Trimble Z-BLADE Module

Trimble MB-Two

Product End of Life/End of Manufacturing

Trimble MB-Two is a powerful dual-frequency, lightweight GNSS receiver capable of providing centimeter-level accuracy, position, and heading.

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