Logistics and Terminal Operations

Reliable and robust positioning solutions when there is no GNSS availability

Trimble technologies offer robust and reliable positioning and orientation data for guidance of manned and unmanned machines in the most challenging GNSS reception environments. Industrial environments include container ports, multi-modal terminals, factory yards, airports, and more.

Customers and partners around the world rely on Trimble to create tailored system solutions for integration into machines like RTGs, straddle carriers, reach stackers, forklifts, trucks, and other specialized machinery and vehicles needed for critical operations.

Distribution Centers & Warehousing

Distribution Centers
Trimble solutions provide long-term precision information for location and awareness of the surroundings. For an operator to measure success, the location information needs to be accurate enough to not allow for a gap to occur between the tuck containers and the dock where someone could fall or be injured or packages could be lost or damaged.

Trimble GNSS technology will enable the positioning of the automated guided vehicles, even when close to metal structures where multipath effects multiply and acquire that precise position quickly when moving from indoors (GNSS denied) to outdoors.


Airport environments change daily creating many unique factors that could interfere with GNSS signals. Trimble technology supports operations such as jet bridge positioning, tarmac service vehicle location, baggage claim operations, parking valet robots, and others by helping eliminate multipath signals and supporting applications as they continually adapt to volatile environments.

port operations

Ports and harbors present challenging environments. Trimble’s GNSS technology supports automation for major port vehicles (reach stackers, RTG’s, terminal tractors, etc.) to improve operational productivity.

Solution recommendations

Trimble BX992

The BX992 is a dual-antenna receiver enclosure with integrated inertial navigation system powered by the BD992-INS.

Trimble MB-Two

Product End of Life/End of Manufacturing

Trimble MB-Two is a powerful dual-frequency, lightweight GNSS receiver capable of providing centimeter-level accuracy, position, and heading.