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Ensuring Accuracy for Foundation Drilling Machines

Yoshida Boring Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (YBM) selects Trimble’s BX992 and Zephyr 3 antenna as a new high-precision, high-accuracy solution for their construction and mining applications.

YBM sought out a GNSS/INS solution that was scalable, high-accuracy, easy-to-integrate, and had a trouble-free configuration process. After comparing possible solutions in the market, YBM selected the Trimble BX992 enclosure and Zephyr 3 Rugged antenna. When combined with their own software, a complete solution was developed.

Trimble Solution:
Trimble BX992 Receiver Enclosure – Offers continuous positioning in GNSS denied areas while delivering high-update rate position and orientation solutions.

  • 336 tracking channels
  • Trimble Everest Plus™ multipath mitigation
  • Flexible RS232, USB, and Ethernet Interfacing

Trimble Zephyr 3 Rugged Antenna – Designed for applications in high shock and vibration environments like machine control up to 75g shock and 20.4g RMS.

  • Available in two versions with 5/8” mast mounting and with 3” mast clamp


Since 1964, YBM has been a trusted manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the construction and mining industries. Their low-noise, lightweight and computerized equipment saves time, effort, and money while improving safety and comfort at the worksite. Their current product line consists of rotary drills, high-pressure pumps, vibro drill rigs, drilling machines, and grout pumps. YBM realized, however, that higher accuracy and more reliability while operating the equipment were needed. So, they began a search for the best GNSS/INS solution in the market.


For construction applications, maintaining a high level of accuracy during operation is extremely important. Most applications require GNSS and/or inertial measurement systems to determine equipment position and orientation. This, however, requires a thorough integration process to prevent disconnection or other barriers that may affect the accuracy. YBM applications typically operate in environments where large structures/barriers create heavy multipath signals, where extreme weather occurs and can possibly damage technology if not sealed properly, and where rough, high-vibrations can occur, possibly disrupting the overall connectivity. An integrated GNSS/INS technology that can withstand these conditions was required.


To develop the right solution, YBM identified the following requirements and compared the leading GNSS/INS solutions in the marketplace:

  1. Rugged enough to maintain high accuracy and positioning while operating in harsh construction environments
  2. Easy-to-integrate/connect to the YBM Foundation Drilling Rigs
  3. Easy to configure and monitor from the operator room with the use of their Y-Navi software
  4. 24/7 technical support

After in-depth comparison and analysis, YBM selected an enclosure and antenna combination from Trimble, the BX992 receiver enclosure and Zephyr 3 Rugged antenna.

YBM Y-Navi

The Y-Navi solution also plays an important role in the overall operations of this equipment for YBM. Y-Navi is a system aimed at improving productivity, such as omitting installation work. The software assists in guiding operators where they need to go and to measure how far off the machine is from its target location where the rig needs to drill. The main purpose of the software is to create the ground improvement design data in advance and utilize the position and construction history data constructed by the ICT ground improvement machine equipped with high-precision GNSS/INS technology. This allows operators to analyze the quality control of the completed construction and access real time positioning of the application to see what’s been performed so far.

YBM Foundation Drilling Machines

The Foundation Drilling Machines are built for soil mix piling (grout mix piling), jet grouting, grout hole drilling, well drilling, and soil investigation. When deciding on what Trimble solutions were the best fit for this application, they researched to see which products provided:

  • The highest accuracy rate in a shielded environment
  • Demonstrated environmental resistance
  • Easy access to the GNSS receiver through a web server and configuration settings

Trimble Solutions

YBM came across the BX992, a dual-antenna, multi-constellation unit that comes in an environmentally sealed enclosure that is rigorously tested to prove its reliability in harsh conditions. The YBM team realized they couldn’t find other products that provided Ethernet connectivity available on the receiver, allowing high speed data transfer and configuration via standard web browsers. The Zephyr 3 Rugged antenna was selected for its weather resistance materials and mounting type. It proved to YBM that it was not only easy to connect but able to remain on the application while outside and the mounting type prevents it from being stolen off the machine.

“Trimble technology delivers the highest accuracy rate in a shielded environment, demonstrates environmental resistance, and provides easy access to the GNSS receiver through a web server and configuration settings.”

– Mr. Rikio Yoshida, President, YBM


The construction industry is always updating and changing, forcing companies to adapt to new environments/situations. With low labor productivity compared to other industries, shortage of workers due to aging, long working hours, etc. companies increasingly rely on information and communication technology (ICT) to work around these issues. As YBM continues to improve its machinery and software, it is expected that ICT ground improvement will cause a reduction of surveying work while boosting operational efficiency. YBM is now able to confirm and record improved positioning and depth while using Trimble high-precision GNSS technology. Their applications meet market needs such as automation of creation and labor saving of office work. With the fast response of evaluation machine rental, 24/7 technical support, and high technical proposal ability YBM can trust that they’ve made the right decision using Trimble technology.

About YBM

In 1946, a small workshop named Yoshida Ironworks started producing and repairing drilling machines and equipment used for exploration of the Karatsu Coal Mine. As a result of Japan’s economical growth, YBM has consolidated as a manufacturer of machines and tools for civil engineering, construction, mineral resources exploration, hot spring surveying and development, and manufactures drilling tools for the Geothermal, Oil and Gas exploration industries. Since 2000, YBM has focused on the development of low-noise, compact, lightweight and computerized machines and equipment that save both labor and energy, in an effort to improve safety and comfort at construction sites, soil improvement projects, polluted land clean-up efforts and water purification projects. YBM’s company’s motto is “YBM’s technology contributes to create the beautiful environment for our future world.”

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