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Solutions Designed to Take You to the Next Level of Autonomy - and the Next.

Designed and customized for wherever you are on your autonomy journey.

Trimble delivers leading positioning and orientation solutions for major industrial markets worldwide designed for the future of autonomy. This approach is built on decades of engineering expertise, system intelligence and field-proven solutions, covering millions of acres. We design with power, precision and performance in mind.

Proven Customizable Precise Positioning and Orientation Solutions

Trimble offers high-accuracy orientation and continuous mobile positioning solutions for a host of applications, including autonomous vehicles and field robotics. Used by systems integrators and OEMs worldwide, Trimble provides solutions built for today’s challenging environments.

Trimble OEM GNSS Receivers and Trimble RT products are compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation systems, utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.

Trimble GT, together with a positioning and orientation software “POSPac” provides accurate positioning information to help with the development of autonomous solutions and testing.

Trimble BX992-ER

The BX992-ER is available as a turn-key or OEM GNSS-Inertial solution that supports two antenna heading for the highest accuracy in all dynamic conditions. With a compact footprint, ease of integration, and fast setup, the BX992-ER uses onboard inertial sensors calibrated with the Applanix SmartCal™ software compensation technology for superior performance to meet the needs of autonomous vehicle manufacturers in mining, trucking, mapping, and vehicle testing.

Trimble RT Family
Trimble RT family of products  provide uninterrupted precise position and orientation measurements in seemingly impossible GNSS conditions.  To ensure superior accuracy performance, Trimble RT products can utilize DGPS or RTK corrections, survey grade GNSS technology and vehicle odometry (DMI) integration for real-time operation. The POSPac post-processing software is also available to review and analyze results.

Trimble GT Family

Trimble GT family of products provide robust position and orientation for autonomous testing and development. Compact and simple to install or transfer between vehicles, Trimble GT family of products have been an industry standard in ground truthing and high definition mapping applications. . Trimble GT accelerates productivity while reducing data collection costs and potential roadside risk to personnel.


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