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What We’re Showing

Trimble’s precise positioning solutions for off-road autonomy, made up of: 

  • Real time systems for use in autonomy and field robotics application
    • ”Trimble RT” and “OEM GNSS receivers”
  • Ground truthing systems for testing and validation
    •  “Trimble GT”
  • Professional services design and integration support

Enabling Autonomous Mining

In rugged terrain, modern mining companies trust Trimble

Today, mining companies are exploring ways to mine more safely and sustainably, leveraging new autonomous technologies to maximize their production. Because most mines are located in remote wilderness or deep underground, the solution must be equally rugged and reliable as it is accurate. Not only does Trimble mining automation technology drastically lower costs and improve operations in some of the most demanding conditions, but it also offers a viable solution for long standing industry challenges, such as labor shortages.

Peace of mind for any mine

  • Accurately and safely guiding self-driving trucks
  • Perfectly suited for deep open pit mine applications
  • Operates under the most difficult GNSS conditions
  • Hands-on approach to customized solutions
  • Trusted name, with a huge install base operating 24/7/365


Trimble OEM GNSS receivers and Trimble RT products are a compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation system, utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.

Trimble GT, together with a positioning and orientation software “POSPac” provides accurate positioning information to help with development of autonomous solutions and testing.


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