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Future of Soft GNSS

In the world of precision satellite tracking technology, Soft GNSS is becoming the way of the future. However, little is known about Soft GNSS and what benefits it provides to users. In this sheet, we breakdown the most important key points you need to know.

What is Soft GNSS?

Soft GNSS is software defined GNSS technology. It comes in the form of an application that users can install onto any Android device, transforming the user’s device into an on-demand and precise GNSS receiver. Combined with other platforms available in the market, users can get accurate positioning solutions for their applications. In addition, if users can’t find a solution that is suitable for their application, they can easily develop their own with Trimble’s software development kit.

Why is the Industry Headed the Way of Soft GNSS?

With the world of digital taking over many areas of business, industry players are moving to Soft GNSS mainly because of convenience. Soft GNSS allows users to access accurate positioning solutions from their phones anywhere, anytime. Users do not have to worry about where their corrections are coming from, or spend time setting up their base stations which translates to greater time efficiency and cost savings for companies.

Is There a Transition Process Moving from Traditional Practices to Soft GNSS?

The transition process for most users will be fairly simple. Most users today already use phones for very rough positioning. By integrating a GNSS antenna, downloading the necessary application and the required subscription, they can tighten the accuracy to centimeter-level positioning. Even though Soft GNSS is a fundamental shift from traditional practice, and may take some getting used to for some users, the benefits advantages outweigh the possible learning curve.

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