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Without reliable GNSS positioning solutions, farmers and operators face the possibility of long-term, business altering effects. Global agriculture is undergoing a shift, in which farming operations become larger, more complex, in combination with increased pressure on profitability and reduced access to skilled labor. Our positioning and orientation solutions support machinery automation even on the most uneven of fields.


Incorporating GPS/GNSS and inertial sensors into the equipment being used in open pit mines
Construction Machinery.


Trimble positioning and orientation solutions offer robust systems that allow an application to function even close to buildings, bridges and other obstacles, where precise positioning is a challenge.

Logistics and Terminal Operations

Reliable and robust positioning solutions when there is no GNSS availability


Trimble Autonomy provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators the ability to offer continuous real-time mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation for next generation train control.
Jet Plane Coming In For A Landing.

Aviation and Aerospace

Aircraft manufacturers, avionics integrators and government aviation organizations around the world have long recognized the benefits provided by Trimble OEM technology; we have filled many of their precise positioning needs and we can likely assist with your company’s needs as well.
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