Without reliable GNSS positioning solutions, farmers and operators face the possibility of long-term, business altering effects. Global agriculture is undergoing a shift, in which farming operations become larger, more complex, in combination with increased pressure on profitability and reduced access to skilled labor. Our positioning and orientation solutions support machinery automation even on the most uneven of fields.


Trimble’s OEM GNSS division provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators the ability to offer continuous mobile positioning and high-accuracy orientation with precision GNSS technology, fused with other sensors when required, for any application where precise positioning is required. For agriculture, our technology provides reliable and accurate data to keep agriculture applications on the correct path, preventing delays in operations.


Farmers need access to total solutions that help them better understand the different variations needed to run their applications efficiently. Trimble provides a combination of GNSS+ correction services with multiple uses including guidance, planting and seeding, flow and application control, water management, harvest, and data management (connected farm) solutions. Specifically, agriculture applications require custom positioning solutions to navigate in any environment including:

  • Tree lines where interference has traditionally been an issue
  • Vineyards, specialty crops, and additional environments where applications have minimal visibility

Without a reliable GNSS positioning system, farmers face the possibility of long-term, business-altering effects. Pass-to-pass accuracy is critical in agriculture applications, so they require high-precision positioning to keep tires in the same tracks to avoid damage to crops. Trimble’s GNSS solutions include correction software customized to deliver the level of accuracy needed for full operation.

Our customized solutions are built to be easily integrated into numerous agriculture applications.

  • Tractors
  • Planters
  • Harvesters
  • Implements
  • Pivot Irrigation

Selecting the right product

Operators rely on accuracy for pass-to-pass guidance applications to ensure that they are able to cover entire fields, reducing lost growth opportunities. Agriculture applications are limited to either cab mounted lightbars or an “in-car” like GPS system which shows their location within the field and in relation to areas already serviced. They need GNSS solutions to provide real-time tracking and positioning data to keep them on track.

In the case of fully automated application systems, which takes over the driving of the equipment at the start of the row, operators often have incorporated two GNSS antennas for heading calculation as inputs. This allows the operator to focus on actions such as sowing fields, direct application and control of pesticides, and controlling implements that are often being towed and under control of the operator.


Trimble BX992

The BX992 is a dual-antenna receiver enclosure with integrated inertial navigation system powered by the BD992-INS.

Trimble AG25

The Trimble AG25 antennas are designed to support centimeter-level land platforms like agriculture and logistic vehicles.